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8 Mistakes Your Business Should Avoid On Social Media

Social media plays a huge part in our lives. We share on Facebook, we show on Instagram, we find jobs/employees on LinkedIn, we watch on YouTube and we Tweet and Retweet without moderation. Want it or not, posts and notifications are the pulse of our daily routine.

11-10-2016 / Tips & Tricks

A dozen tips for better Google Search results

Google is usually great at filling in the blanks -- but not always showing you what you need. Use these tricks to get even more accurate results..

09-09-2016 / Tips & Tricks

How to make Chrome faster on Android

There's a lot to like about Chrome for Android, from the way it syncs your history and bookmarks over from the desktop to the incognito mode you can take advantage of to keep a lid on how much of your activity is being tracked. However, over time it can start to become sluggish..

01-06-2015 / Tips & Tricks

Should You Turn Your Computer Off at Night? We Asked an Expert

The idea that you should avoid turning your computer off at night is pretty popular: After all, frequent shutdowns and start ups are going to have an impact on the components and wear them out faster. Aren't they? On the other hand, you'd imagine having your computer running all the time is going to contribute to wear and tear as well, wouldn't you? So what's the deal? Should you turn it off or leave it on?.

23-02-2015 / Tips & Tricks

Five ways to lower your smartphone data consumption

Which apps and services are the worst offenders when it comes to chewing through your data plan?.

28-01-2015 / Tips & Tricks

How to Make Your Android Battery Last Longer

Cell phone batteries have come a long way since the first smartphones, but we're demanding more of the devices that double as our navigators, cameras and media centers. Along with the usual battery-drainers - Wi-Fi, GPS and video streaming - Android phones come with some unique energy gluttons, such as live-updating home screen widgets..

15-01-2015 / Tips & Tricks

How to Enhance Android Performance Without Rooting

Even though all of us have smartphones today and all of us cannot live without our android devices, it is not necessary that all of us are as enthusiastically immersed in technology as the tech geeks. We love it, no doubt, but we cannot constantly keep talking, researching or reading about it. For some of us, it is just an aid and not a passion..

11-01-2015 / Tips & Tricks

How to Start a Business Online?

7 tried and true steps for attracting visitors to your site and getting them to buy..

07-12-2014 / Tips & Tricks

Google's Devices and Activity Dashboard - A New Account Security Wizard

We access our Google account from so many devices that we our self forget on how many devices our account is still connected and perhaps we don't use that device anymore. To make this problem easy for you, Google has come up with its new security dashboard which will help you keep better control over the devices that can access your account..

27-11-2014 / Tips & Tricks

Back Up All Your Android's Files to Google Drive Automatically

Back Up All Your Android's Files to Google Drive Automatically Google makes backing up your contacts, messages, and Wi-Fi passwords extremely easy, but leaves you out in the cold when it comes the data on your internal storage.....

08-10-2014 / Tips & Tricks
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